Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holy no blogging Batman!

I've been MIA for a while. Well I wasn't really missing, I was having an extended arguement with the computer. The blog server wasn't letting me post anymore unless I got Google Chrome, which I did, then there were some wire crossed here or there and it still wasn't working. But I tried again today, after not monkeying around with it for over a month, and lookit! It's working! Everything is way different, so I'm gonna be fiddling with it for a while. I feel like such a hillbilly, using words like 'monkeying' and 'fiddling.' Oh well, the product of my upbringing I suppose. Born and raised in the middle of Michigan, one might actually call me a hillbilly. I've been super busy with all kinds of things. First, keeping up with a toddler. Second, painting a Warhammer 40K army. Third, making 40K jewelry and game counters. Fourth, making baby shower gifts. Fifth, keeping up with a toddler. No, that's not in there twice on accident. On the jewelry front... there's not much to report. I've never ever been happy with my photos, I'm still playing with backgrounds, camera settings, editing software. I don't imagine I'll ever really stop. Here's a couple pics of the latest experimentation. The bracelet with the moth is for me, I'm not selling it. The bracelets might find their way to Etsy at some point.
There's a story behind the box I've used in these pictures. There shall be a blog about it in the near future. When I find the time.