Friday, October 12, 2012

Non jewelry related Halloween post

I've been in Halloween decorating mode for a few days. I'm not done either, I have a whole second book case to decorate! This is the project I just finished. The entertainment center. It cost me a total of $4 to make alllll this stuff!
The only things I bought, were;
2 stamps from JoAnns, $1 each.
1 jar from JoAnns (The goblin brains)
Brown paper bags, from the dollar store. (Labels)

 My jars are from an old spice rack. I had the picture frames laying around from a craft show, and I used some vintage photo album/scrapbooks for the large books in the back. I cut my paper bags for labels and wrote on them, and added stamps. I mod podged them to the jars. I didn't mod podge the photo albums, I used a tiny piece of poster putty in the corners so I didn't ruin the albums. I also used the paper bags for the bindings of some photo albums as the spell books. And I have a scarf covering up our X-Box. (But only in the front, so I don't have the air vents covered. Don't want it overheating)

As for the contents of the jars;
Vanishing potion- Empty. Get it?
Love potion- Purple hand sanitizer with gel beads in it
Shriveled Slug- Caraway seed
Hag's warts- Peppercorn
Fur of Werewolf- Fuzzy yarn
Goblin brain- cotton balls
Zombie Virus- Aloe Vera gel
Mummy Dust- Some sort of herb powder, whatever was in the spice jar originally
Witch's Brew- Water with Mio and veggie oil
Ground Bone- Garlic powder
Eye of basilisk- Plastic beads

I called it Spooky Bear Alchemy Inc. because Bear is our son's nickname. I thought it was cute. And he has an Alchemy 101 book because he's a beginner. =)

I'm currently working on stuff with lace and fall leaves.