Monday, January 25, 2010

Teapot Lamp by Angelic Accents-Stephanie

See her BLOG here!

Neat!!!! Mom, I bet you could turn some of dad's coffee pots into lamps without him even noticing they're gone!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine's Necklace

This pendant is like nothing I've done before. I started with a simple round setting, then I made two wire wrapped rings with beads and Swarovski crystals to go around the setting, placing a button with an adorable cherub on top. It turned out exactly as I'd planned.

Partially inspired by a necklace from the Tudors, which is no surprise lol.

Get it at Peacock Tres Chic!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I went through a stint where I had nothing but this ity bity wire, I reinforced it the best I could but I don't trust it as much as I do thicker wire. I've had this one sitting around for almost a year, meaning to give it stronger links.

I finally did it lol Took all of 10 minutes, not sure why I put it off so long lol.

So shes been re-posted! Get it at Peacock Tres Chic!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Progress

I've been planning out the craft show stuff for the summer.

I've got myself a new craft show partner, my mother in law =) She makes gorgeous stained glass! She'll be selling jewelry boxes and the likes along side my jewelry. I think it will make a handsome presentation!

I've sketched out a few new ideas for the booth layout. My step father in law? Is that what they call it? lol Well he's helping us come up with new jewelry stands and things of that nature to add depth and various levels of interest to the table so it's not so flat and boring.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I'll be visiting the fabric store to find the perfect color scheme and get the appropriate table covers. I'm thinking off white and burgundy maybe, it will look nice with the black displays.

Everyone is being really supportive and helping put their own ideas and suggestions into my efforts. I think it will be a very productive year!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


After years of battle between cat and bead board for lap privileges, at last, a compromise.

Lap, cat, bead board. In that order.

That pendant there is for the new Valentine's Collection!
Oh la la!

Time to recognize my friends!

I have several talented friends, one of which has her own Etsy shops. Go show her some luv, she does awesome work!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So it goes

The shop has now been left to little 'ol me. I've made some minor changes, nothing drastic. I've started to detail my titles just a little, since they come across Google search as titles. A little description in the title will go a long way.

Still perfecting my pictures. I love the drastic white background, I'm going to re-take a few photos, to make sure my shop maintains a cohesiveness.

Still striving to get myself out there. Started a couple new blogs. A Tumblr and a Flickr. Not much on the Flickr page yet, just started that today.

Waiting on some new supplies to get this show on the road! It's hard to get inspired when you're running thin on beads.

Preparing for the craft season ahead. Julee and I intend to hit up a few more craft fairs this year than last, planning the booth and putting a lot of thought into how it should look.

I'll be opening up a second Etsy shop soon, to help me contribute to the local efforts to help animals in need. I'll be posting crochet cat toys, where $1 of each sale will be donated to the HATS foundation, humane animal treatment society.

One of my all time favorite pieces has left me this week, to a return shopper. Bye bye Shutter! I hope Beth loves you as much as I did.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday success!!

During the holiday season, Peacock Tres Chic donated two dollars of every item sold to the Toys for Tots foundation!! We raised nearly $100.

Divide and conquer was the plan, splitting the cash and donating how we saw fit. I went shopping and got a bunch of toys for buy one get one free!

Thanks to everyone who helped us bring some holiday cheer to the local families in need!!!!!!!!

Peacock Tres Chic