Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So it goes

The shop has now been left to little 'ol me. I've made some minor changes, nothing drastic. I've started to detail my titles just a little, since they come across Google search as titles. A little description in the title will go a long way.

Still perfecting my pictures. I love the drastic white background, I'm going to re-take a few photos, to make sure my shop maintains a cohesiveness.

Still striving to get myself out there. Started a couple new blogs. A Tumblr and a Flickr. Not much on the Flickr page yet, just started that today.

Waiting on some new supplies to get this show on the road! It's hard to get inspired when you're running thin on beads.

Preparing for the craft season ahead. Julee and I intend to hit up a few more craft fairs this year than last, planning the booth and putting a lot of thought into how it should look.

I'll be opening up a second Etsy shop soon, to help me contribute to the local efforts to help animals in need. I'll be posting crochet cat toys, where $1 of each sale will be donated to the HATS foundation, humane animal treatment society.

One of my all time favorite pieces has left me this week, to a return shopper. Bye bye Shutter! I hope Beth loves you as much as I did.


Lisa said...

Keep up the good work!!! Your jewelry is awesome!!!

Campbell Jane said...

I LOVE this!