Sunday, June 22, 2008

Asymmetry ..... trendy?

My sales record is hardly consistent, but I have noticed one thing. My asymmetrical necklaces seem to go over well. I had Roseus on my DeviantArt page here for quite a long time. I decided to sell it, I posted it on Etsy, then linked to it and put her on the main page on Deviant with "Now for sale" in the title. The next day she was gone. Here's a picture of it.

Some time passed before I made another asymmetrical piece. I didn't even need to list this one and I had found a buyer. All I did was post it on Deviant, which I did here. Someone requested it, and a price was agreed upon. (I hadn't intended on selling it, it was a favorite) Here's that one.

More time passed. I decided to try it again. My newest piece is asymmetrical, but it's brass this time. Brass is my new thing. It's been up on Etsy over 24 hours now, which is the longest that one of my asymmetrical pieces has been up. So I'm crossing my fingers here!


Christine said...

Roseus is very beautiful indeed. I love asymmetrical necklaces.

Sara said...

I really love things that are asymmetrical...I even get my hair cut that way. haha. Beautiful work! I hope you don't mind if I add your link to my blog?