Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yes, that's correct. I'm now engaged.

My fiance proposed in a photo booth. You know, one of those little ones that give you a black and white film strip. It's a tradition, we get photos done whenever we visit this tourist destination that happens to have my favorite bead store in it. He gave me the ring while we were getting our snapshots, so they're very happy snapshots. :-) Exhibit A:Doesn't he look smug? lol

Now........ aside from the obvious excitement, I'm vexed. Yay, I have a ring! Yay, I get to be the center of attention for a day in a gorgeous gown! Wait a second... who's paying for this?!

Oh yea... I am.

SO... I'm attempting to put much haste on peddling my wares. I have a day job, but only part time. So in my spare time, aside from planning a wedding I'm crafting my little heart out and trying very very hard to draw some extra attention to my Etsy shop where normally my earnings go towards more beads, but are now being set aside for the wedding preparations and all the pretty things I need to wear!

Did you catch that? My Etsy shop?

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