Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steam themed Halloween

Steampunk has been dominating the fantasy, gaming and larping communities at epic speed. I've always eyed the steampunk style, with victorian being my style foundation for nearly everything I make. I generally steered away from it, because I thought there was too much competition with the steampunk jewelry already being created. I wanted something unique, and there aren't a lot of steam variations you can do with jewelry.
But this year for Halloween I dove into my steampunk research. It all started with an ity-bity bomber jacket.
We fretted over what to dress our son as for his first Halloween, not having a lot of extra cash to splurge on a costume. Sure, it's cute to dress the little ones up before they have any say in what they want to be, but he's not actively trick-or-treating, he can only wear it once at the rate he grows, and nobody will see it but family. So spending a lot of cash was out.
Fortunately, last summer I had picked up the MOST adorable bomber jacket at a mom-2-mom sale for $2.50. It was too big then, I was just hoping it would fit him for the winter. It hit me one day, that the aviator look has a large influence on the steampunk style, and my husband and I could easily dress to match. I have a lot of victorian style clothing, and my dad has a lot of early 19th century costumes because he frequents the local reenactments.
So it was decided we'd go steampunk. Not that we have a lot to do on halloween this year, but there was a family party and there's a costume contest at a gaming store on Saturday. We've been working on accessorizing our rather plain costumes, and I hope to have pictures next week.
The jacket that started it all......
Just because I was researching...

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