Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Satyr piece has been completed, except the extension of adjustable chain and hook in the back. This piece took a significant amount of time, because I hand wound and individually cut each link used in the chains. The links are 22 gauge gold colored wire, roughly 2mm each.

This design hit me in bed one night, after thinking for days on ideas of how to use the Satyr stamping. I'm overall happy with it. The design required very little tweaking from the pen and paper stage to the final product, which is not common. Most of my designs have kinks that need to be worked out, I encounter problems with structure and whatnot. This one gave me no trouble, and came out exactly as planned.

The stamping didn't have any holes in it to begin with, so I drilled three of my own with a hand held pin vise to serve it's intended purpose in this piece. All the chains it's 'resting' on are linked to a single 16 gauge loop laying behind the stamping. Some day I'll get a picture of the back.



mt p? you are super close. do you go to cetral? you are close enough to come over for the no bakes i just made, i go to svsu!

Nancy Merkle said...

This is a beautiful necklace!


wow your stuff is gorgeous!

Mimi - Image Beads said...

wow! this sounds like a lot of work. It is a beautiful necklace.

btw, thank you for your comment on my marshmallows.