Monday, February 18, 2008

Latest commission

This request was for a 14 inch chainmaille piece, with my frequently used japanese chainmaille 'flowers.' She wanted 5 flowers, each with 3 freshwater pearls in between.

The freshwater pearls have TINY holes drilled in them, naturally, so I had to resort to using 24 gauge wire to wrap them, praying it holds. The erst of the wire is 22 gauge, as with most of my stuff. I used to work in 20 gauge, so the flowers are a little smaller than the ones I've made in the past. It makes the necklace dainty as a whole, but it worked out perfectly as to her specifications. Had I used the thicker wire, I would have had to make adjustments to the design to keep it within the 14 inches with 5 flowers and 3 pearls. So it all worked out, I hope she's happy with it.

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