Friday, February 22, 2008

Step one

I know every crafter has their methods, their workspaces, etc. My workspace... is my couch. I throw in an inspirational movie, like Vanity Fair or Phantom of the Opera, put my bead board on my lap and go at it all night long. Yes, I work at night. I can't remember the last time I made something while the sun was out. My boyfriend and I are on a third shift schedule, so that's when my alone time is, that's when I work. Sleep can wait when I'm in a creative mood. I sometimes watch a movie two or three times a night, because I don't want to get up to put a new DVD in lol. It's just hard to get off the couch when I have all kinds of things in my lap. So I just hit play over and over.

So anyhow, I just got this fantastic piece in the mail, I ordered it from a fellow Etsy member. " jlyndesigns " has a great shop, wonderful pieces, and she sent a little baggie of free gifts, which I also ended up using on this piece. She's wonderful, I fully intend to buy from her again in the future.
These pictures are from the very beginning of my process. Once I have my design in my head I look for the colors I want to use and put them all on my board. I wrapped all my beads, and placed them on my felt square (Keeps the beads from rolling away from where you set them) to see how they'd look in the shape the necklace is inevitably going to be. With the Satyr focal pendant, I went with mostly greens because it reminds me of the forest. I was also watching Pan's Labyrinth at the time, because what's more inspiring concerning a piece that looks like Pan?
Not that you can see the green beads in this picture lol.

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