Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is my latest piece. I've been researching a jewelry crafter by the name of Diane Hyde. She specializes in the replication of vintage designs, with an emphasis on bead work. I don't currently have the materials to do proper bead work, I need some stiff stuff and a good deal more seed beads and things of that nature before I can start down that road. But I'm working on it, doing some research, planning what materials I want, making some sketches. Hopefully something will come of that soon.

In any matter, this necklace is made of 22 gauge gun metal color coated copper wire, including the draping chain which I made and cut every link myself. I used three prong connectors, bugle beads, and bronze Czech glass, both 4 and 6mm. The centerpiece is a resin flower cameo.

I'm pleased with the design but I'm undecided if it should go up for sale. I don't fully trust the integrity of this piece, the chain it rests on is made of bugle beads connected by 2mm jump rings, and 22 gauge is not the sturdiest of wire. I am going to go back and double all the joining links. The necklace itself is light weight, but I'd be afraid any kind of tug would sent it tumbling to the ground. There's nothing I dread more than an unsatisfied, or sad, customer.

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ambika said...

Luckily, the cats bug my boyfriend more than me when one of us is trying to do something.

I think your blog looks great!