Saturday, September 3, 2011

DIY Display ideas - Plate and candlestick

A little while back I posted a link to the plate and candlestick jewelry trays by The Speckled Dog. The process is extremely simple, literally as simple as gluing a plate and a candlestick together. Even though I adore her trays, with a plate on both the bottom and the top, I'm also fond of the candlestick with a single plate, like the one I've made here.
The plate and candlestick came from the local Goodwill, which I visit almost daily. It's just a few blocks away and next to where my husband works, so I pack my son up in his stoller and walk down there to visit. And shop.
I had every intention of painting the candlestick to match whatever plate I came up with, but the original gold finish matched the decorative plate that I fell in love with so perfectly. I'm not sure if I'll be putting rings on it, or business cards. It makes a lovely business card presentation too.

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Sher said...

Cute idea. That would be so cute in my bathroom.

That would also be cute to set some candies on.