Saturday, September 10, 2011

New jewelry designs coming soon to Peacock Tres Chic

So I've been learning some polymer clay techniques because I have a polymer clay bead project coming up at JoAnns that I'll be teaching. I've never used this medium before, so I've been trying to learn anything and everything. I got a little side tracked from the actual project.
This is what I was supposed to be making....
...but instead I spent all day yesterday and some of the day before making these.

I know what you're thinking. Whoopidy doo you made a clay rose, who hasn't. Well I never had, so it's exciting to me! I had some of the most gorgeous shimmering gold and a beautiful maroon that turned out to be my favorite flowers. The maroon one has some gold in it, so it also shimmers.

I had made these pendants out of beads I've had s ince my honeymoon. I didn't make the beads, but I was recently inspired to experiment with the messy wire wrapped technique and I thought it would look pretty with them. I think these are to blame for the whole polymer clay obsession I've developed recently. That and the fact that I'm forced to work with it because I have to teach it. I wouldn't have picked up the medium otherwise.

I apologize for the harshness in some of the photos. My camera has been acting like a two year old. The exposure is auto correcting when I have it on manual, and it's just been acting all kinds of weird. But at least you have an idea of what's to come this fall season at Peacock Tres Chic, and hopefully I can get some better photos before these lovelies get posted.

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