Friday, September 16, 2011

Things to love... Friday?

Yea I'm a day late with the things to love.
Been very busy with a fussy baby.
Anyway, these are some things I pulled from the favorites I added on Etsy this week.
Love these ankle chains from Dear Bearcat. What a crazy name. I'm thinking I might be making myself a pair of these in the near future. I made some foot sandals out of chainmaille once upon a time and they were quite popular. Though styled differently, I love how these ankle chains drape across the top of the foot. And I love the nude heels.
These earrings from Fanciful Devices are dripping with rustic elegance.

I was browsing elephant graphics for my son's first birthday party coming up, and though not what I was looking for as far as birthday decor, I found this print by The Haunted Hollow Tree. This print just speaks to me, the elephant being one of my favorite forms for the last three or four years.

And I've been looking for a new messanger bag. I'm pretty in love with this one from ikabags. Been thinking of making my own in canvas..... if I ever get the time.

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Ruby Girl said...

love these shoes! and i love your romantic, fancy, vintage-y taste! <3