Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love old things

I'm in love with my new old table. We had this tiny round table that was too small to get any good amount of work done on, but this baby's huge! And it has two drop down sections that come out to make it bigger still. Going to be my new work space, and my husband's gaming table.
I say new old because it's an antique, though the legs aren't the originals and it's already been used as a work bench for several years so I'm pretty sure it has no remaining value as an antique. It came from my mom's house, they had been storing it in the attic after replacing it with another gigantic table in the kitchen. I have many years of fond memories with this table, and many more to come.
Also, say hi to Herbie! The orange tabby who snuck into the photo, perched on a chair...

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